About Finesse Bridles®

Investing in a FinesseBridle® is not just purchasing ordinary equipment; it’s ensuring your horse’s comfort. These bridles feature a special neckpiece engineered to distribute and alleviate pressure on the horse’s neck.

The innovation behind this unique padding comes from technology used in hospital mattresses for bed-bound patients. It’s not made of memory foam, but rather a specially designed fiber material that maintains blood flow in the areas of contact with the horse’s body.

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About the scientific study


A study conducted by Stud.med.vet Katja Gabara, Emilie Gertz, and Dr. Adrian Harrison on 12 Icelandic horses demonstrated that all horses exhibited significantly more free movement throughout their bodies when wearing FinesseBridles® compared to standard bridles.

This is significant because, when working with a FinesseBridle®, horses do not suffer the same number of ‘pain-strikes’—defined as muscle overloads during work. The study examined not only the muscles associated with the neckpiece but also the myofascial lines that affect the horse’s overall movement from the base of the skull to the hindlimbs, specifically m. Splenius and m. Brachiocephalicus.

An article detailing the benefits of FinesseBridles® was published in the OJVM in 2020, a well-regarded scientific journal that features advanced and innovative research from scientists and veterinarians globally.

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Interview with professional rider Cathrine Dufour

The esteemed Danish professional dressage rider, Cathrine Dufour, has rigorously tested various FinesseBridle® models on numerous horses over two years to perfect the final FinesseBridle® design. We are now thrilled to make this uniquely crafted bridle available for your horse!

The intricate details found on these bridles have been developed in collaboration with Cathrine Dufour, who is renowned for her unwillingness to compromise on the effect of equipment on her horses or the quality of the gear.

Interview Professor Adrian Harrison

Cathrine Dufour took part in a study with her seasoned horse, Bohemian, which clearly demonstrated that Bohemian’s balance improved significantly when equipped with a FinesseBridle.

The study specifically included the m. Longissimus dorsi muscle along the horse’s back beneath the saddle, and the m. Rectus abdominis muscle under the horse’s abdomen, to emphasize that using a FinesseBridle undoubtedly enhances the horse’s unrestricted movement.

Animation film

Discover the benefits your horse can gain from Finessebridles. For example, try tightening your right shoe more than your left and take a short walk or run. You’ll soon experience discomfort, similar to the pain horses endure with traditional bridles, as demonstrated by the University of Copenhagen. This discomfort is significantly alleviated by a Finessebridle, which ensures your horse’s welfare during training – a benefit any horse owner would desire.