Helle Dueholm has been a passionate equestrian since the age of 7 or 8, with a deep fascination for horses and animals. She has successfully ridden and managed numerous challenging horses. In addition, she has trained young horses from stud farms throughout Denmark, working with 6-10 horses daily.


“I seem to have good contact with horses and enjoy communicating with them. At my former farm, I spent a lot of time working with horses. Especially horses being naughty, also called ‘problematic horses’ in need of special attention. I loved that with all my heart”

Now she only have 1 horse to educate (before 6-10horses a day) and found that this is much more difficult, because she don’t have the time to be around her horse and read the body language, 3-4 times a day anymore. “The importance of being with my horse many times a day, I recently found very needful, if you have a sensitive horse that need a bit more attention”

“Always remember working with horses that: patience is a virtue” 

She herself has received thorough instruction from: Susanne Sejerskilde, Anke Ter Beek, Rune Willum, Cathrine Dufour and Niels Erik Bøchman.

Competition, however, is not where Helle Dueholm has her interest. She just enjoys the sport, as well as working with the individuel horses. She enjoys taking her time to know the horses skillset and build up trust by playing, ridding and racing with them. 

“A horse that trust you, is a happy horse. Horses are gregarious animals and having a leader makes them feel comfortable ”  

The name of FinesseBridles

Originate from my former mare, Midt-West Finesse

Mf. BH Don Schufro, F. BH Romanov

Unfortunately, this fine mare was injured at only 3 years of age, injuring the fascia of her hindlimb so badly, that she never returned to equestrian sports.

She did however, produce 3 wonderful offspring:

Stallion, Zorro F. BH Zack

Mare, Himalaya F. BH Hotline

Mare, Cayenne F. Charmeur

I chose to keep Cayenne and I work with her on a daily basis, she is a very sensitive mare but I really love her funny way of being.

She is a lovely horse, but a handful.