Finesse Bridles is no ordinary bridle

​Finesse Bridles stand out as more than just ordinary bridles. Have you ever attempted to slip a finger beneath the neckpiece of your bridle once it’s been fastened? It’s nearly impossible to fit a finger underneath, isn’t it?

With a Finesse Bridle, you won’t hace this issue. These bridles feature an entirely distinctive headpiece crafted to evenly distribute and alleviate pressure from the poll on your horse’s neck.




Technical material

Engineers and specialists have developed the distinctive padding material found in Finesse Bridles. They conducted a decade-long study to discover the ideal pressure-reducing material. This unique material is derived from the technology used in hospital mattresses for bedridden patients to prevent pressure sores. 
It is not memory foam; rather, it is a specially designed fiber material that maintains blood flow in the body parts that come into contact with it.
The name of this exceptional bridle is, quite simply, Finesse®.

Cathrine Dufour

The esteemed Grand Prix Dressage rider, Cathrine Dufour, has collaborated with us for many years, rigorously testing the Finesse Bridles on multiple horses. Her invaluable feedback on design and fit has been instrumental in making precise adjustments. This extended period of partnership and meticulous testing has culminated in a bridle collection that excels in style, functionality, and most importantly, equine comfort.

“The fit of a bridle has a lot of importance for the comfort of your horse. That’s why I have been helping with the shape and design of FinesseBridles® and also the reason why I use them on all my horses” Cathrine Dufour.

Helle Dueholm

“I seem to have good contact with horses and enjoy communicating with them. At my former farm, I spent a lot of time working with horses. Especially horses being naughty, also called ‘problematic horses’ in need of special attention. I loved that with all my heart”

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